Campaign Story

SATINO (Save and Teach the Innocent) has the aim of educating children of different backgrounds prior to starting elementary school. This is based on developing the kids talents and giving them an opportunity for better education.


The organization was founded back in 2015 after Augustino Kessy (Weza), the director of the organization, spent a few months travelling through East Africa conducting a research on agriculture, economic development and childcare.

Augustino (Weza) with kids in Malawi

Having visited more than 600 villages and having seen the poverty first hand and the poor conditions the children were being brought up in with no proper education, he was inspired to create a better environment for the children to learn and grow comfortably. So that is what he did by starting what today became the non-profit organization CHAYETEO (Children youth education and talent empowerment organization). The latter is dedicated to making a lasting impact through different campaigns and programs.


In recent years, the need for basic education has increased significantly. SATINO now has 125 students from 2 to 6 years old (which means an increase of 65 students in the last few months).

SATINO students in 2021.

According to tanzanian law we can only stay with those kids up to the age of 6. After that they have to go to another school to start primary school which is expensive. Many of them can’t afford it, so they have to go to government schools which unfortunately are in bad condition – with 100 kids per one teacher it is hard for kids to learn and understand.

Thanks to a successful fundraising operation, the organization built its own building , which is an amazing achievement for our organization and all the children (see the pictures below).

This helped us to fulfill our short term goal of having our own building. Now we are looking forward to achieve our long term goal of having a standard school to start class one. Having that will allow us to stay with the kids from age of 2 to 14 (primary level) and later on to go up to the age of 18.


Most of our kids are from lower income families, therefore they can’t afford the higher fee from private school. Some choose to go to government school which makes it hard for them to fulfill their dream due to poor learning conditions. SATINO wants to give them access to an alternative with good quality education that everyone can afford. That is why SATINO is working hard to acquire a piece of land (3 acres) and to build standard classes. We have started on enquiring a suitable location and creating architect draft plans to build our budget.

Onsite visit of potential locations of the future SATINO School.

Aerial Architect view of future SATINO School.

The top view of SATINO school showing classes and playground.

To make this dream come true, a budget of 23.950 EUR is necessary. The organizations own funds do not allow such an acquisition. That is why we would like to appeal for donations. With the acquisition of having this great school, the whole project would become reality. Please help us to make this change. Every amount is valuable. If the fundraising exceeds the expected goal, the rest will be used for material purchases such as school supplies and long-term financial investments including building more classes.

So, if able, we’d kindly ask you for the support as we think that no child should be deprived of such a basic right of education – like Nelson Mandela once said:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world .”

So, let’s make a change!

Thank you,

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